Dolphins Photography / Saturday timeframe

    Good afternoon!

    I just wanted to send out a quick reminder for each of you to log into our website and enter whether or not your swimmer(s) will be attending the mock meet at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center on Saturday morning. If they are attending, please also select EVERY event that they are currently capable of swimming.

    On a separate note, local photographer Scott Hill takes individual and team photos before the mock meet (order form is attached so print out page 1, fill it out and bring it with you), so please try to arrive by the time of your swimmer(s) scheduled group photo(s). Here is the photo and swim schedule for Saturday, April 27.

    7 am - BBAC opens

    7:15 - Scott begins taking individual photos on a first come, first serve basis

    8:00 - Group photos begin with 13-14 year old and 15-18 year old groups

    8:05 - 11-12 year old group

    8:10 - 9-10 year old group

    8:15 - 7-8 year old group

    8:20 - 6 and under group

    8:25 - TEAM PHOTO (Even if you do not arrive in time for group photos, please try to be there by 8:25 for the overall team photo)

    8:30 - Photos complete; warm ups begin

    9:00 - Mock meet begins

    We will only be swimming the four individual events for each age group (no relays or individual medley events) to get times into our computer system. We will plan on having  several officials in place so that the kids will be able to experience the normal NWAL starting protocol.

    If you cannot attend on Saturday, the coaches will work to get missing times for the swimmers during regular swim practice.

    Please make sure you have your swimmer(s) signed up, and we will see all of you on Saturday morning!

    David Jantzi / 979-203-0957

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