Mock meet sign up


    Our mock meet is this coming Saturday morning, and we need to know if your child(ren) will able to swim at the meet. We need each family to go online and follow these instructions:

    1. Log into the website

    2. Click on the Swim Meets link

    3. Click on the Meet Entry button on the right side of the Mock Meet

    4. Click on the Edit button underneath your swimmer(s)

    5. Select either "Attending this meet" or "Not attending this meet"

    6. If attending, please select EVERY EVENT that your swimmer is capable of swimming. For this meet only, they may swim all four individual strokes. Click the black SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

    7. We will need a few parents to sign up to time (2 timers / lane = 12 parents total)

    This is the same process that we will use each week for meet entries. If a swimmer is not listed as ATTENDING THE MEET, they will not be entered, so please make sure that you go online every week to enter your child. The deadline for this week's mock meet is Friday night at 6 pm (Normal deadline for the dual meets is Wednesday night at 11:59 pm).

    Call / text / email me if you have any questions!

    David Jantzi

    979-203-0957 /

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