6/15/18 - Divisionals entries/update

    Parents -

         Tomorrow is the big day! We will be traveling to Navasota for the divisional meet against the other five teams in our division. Warm up time is from 6:40 - 7:00 am in lanes 5-8 so please be there by 6:30. The address is 103 Stadium Drive. As you head east on 105 through Navasota, turn L at the light just after Dairy Queen and the pool will be a couple of blocks down on the L side of the road. In addition to Navasota, we are the first team to warm up so you should be able to find good parking if you arrive early. :) I have attached the meet entry file list to this email so you can see each event that your swimmer is competing in tomorrow.

         We have had several conversations about the weather and the potential for rain. Right now, the weather in Navasota looks pretty good for tomorrow, with the slight possibility of some rain around noon. If it does start raining but we expect it to stop relatively soon, we will just wait it out and continue after the rain stops. If we are unable to finish the meet in a timely manner, we would finish it next week (probably Wed or Thu in Bryan) but we are hoping that we do not need to do that.

         We are still in need of several volunteers!! We are missing a head timer, heat ribbon distributor, ready bench worker (relays only), two timers for the last shift, and many officials! We are supposed to bring at least two SNT officials and we do not have any signed up at this time. If you can sign up to help out, please do so ASAP. 

         If your swimmer has qualified, don't forget to go online and sign up your swimmer(s) for the invitational meets next weekend and pay Heather Dallmeyer at the meet tomorrow. The cost is $5 per event. I have to turn in entries on Sunday and Monday so we need to have everything entered ASAP. We normally adjust the practice schedule as well as take a picture of all of the invitational qualifiers for the newspaper before a practice next week so watch your email for more information.

    See you in the morning!

    David Jantzi




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